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Return and Commission

recieve payments, commissions for affiliates

With the successful completion of Funix Crowdfunding System, the offer for investors will be discontinued.

With the successful completion of Funix Crowdfunding System, the offer for affiliates will be discontinued.

The main factors of the known investment opportunities are profit potential, risk of loss and time. The factors influence each other. Funix crowdfunding system offers guaranteed profit with 0% risk of loss in an undefinable time and thus positions an absolute offer. In practice, this means that an investor gets at least 10% profit on their investment without knowing the timing. Published times are speculations or empirical values.

A member receives irregular returns. The amount of the return and the time of the return are not defined. In some cases it is quick, in other cases it takes longer.

Each member receives more returns than was invested. This is guaranteed.The payout interval cannot be determined and the amount of the return cannot be calculated. The process to return takes time, so investors need patience.

An upgrade license generates unlimited returns. The amount of the return depends on the account performance. Funix guarantees a return equal to the sum of the investment and profit. After a member has received investment and profit, a license continues to generate profits. The profit amounts are based on the medium-term and long-term market indicators, which cannot be predicted.

Each member receives more returns than was invested. This is guaranteed. The amount of the return cannot be determined. Trial membership earns less return than upgrade membership.

Each member receives a separate return. The amount of the return is different for each membership and for each license. Over a certain period of time, each membership generates approximately the same profits.

Commissions are only paid out when the customer's money actually arrives at Funix. In a few cases, it takes about 3-4 days for the money to be booked automatically. In most cases, the money is immediately available from Funix.

Upgrades must be sold to receive commissions from other members. If a member sells an upgrade, they receive a commission of CHF 20.-.

Commissions for individually sold upgrade licenses:
Level 1 - CHF 20.-
Level 2 - CHF 5.-
Level 3 - CHF 5.-

Commission for license packages (from 2 pieces per order):
Level 1 - 20%
Level 2 - 5%
Level 3 - 5%

Commission from a sold upgrade is indicated in the transaction list with "afx" (level 1). If the new member sells an upgrade himself, this is referred to as "afx-afx" (level 2). Level 3 is indicated with "afx-afx-afx". Commissions are paid out automatically when the money has effectively arrived at Gudix. Level 2 + 3 commissions are only paid if the member has an upgrade himself. We also reserve the right to not pay any commission at levels 2 + 3 if the account is classified as inactive. Accounts created to only collect commission from level 2 + 3 will be deactivated.

The performance factor is defined as high or low. It influences the amount of the return over a certain period and the amount of the commission of an account. A performance factor only applies to accounts with at least one upgrade license.

With the purchase of an upgrade license, high performance is guaranteed for the account for one month. An additional upgrade license extends the duration of the high-performance by an additional month up to max. 12 months. Everytime guaranteed high performance can be extended to max. 12 months.

A low-performance only affects licenses that have already received at least stake and profit. The performance factor is only displayed if at least one license has received more than CHF 100. Low-performance licenses are marked orange in the Licenses area. Licenses with less than CHF 100 are not affected by the performance factor.

Yes, as an affiliate you can create free access to Funix and recommend Funix.

Gudix reserves the right to limit the number of members.

If a member creates a second account , the guaranteed profit is reduced by the amount of the affiliate commissions. The money-back guarantee expires completely. Gudix has the right to reduce affiliate commissions.

Account and Payout

Account management, cash flow, verification

With the purchase of a membership the account is activated and ready to receive return and commission.

The account first has the status "temporary" and switches to a live account when you purchase a trial or upgrade membership. This process takes place automatically. As soon as the account goes live, the verification process starts.

Under the transactions in the Account area, click on the payment transaction and an information window will appear, which provides information about when the money can be expected in the private account.

Depending on the origin of the money, the payout of profits are associated with a waiting period of a maximum of 7 days. In these cases, the date of availability under the transactions is given as the valuta date.

The payout time varies depending on the bank. In most cases 1-2 days.

Manual withdrawals are released for withdrawal immediately. You can define an automatic payout interval "weekly" or "monthly". If this is the case, the paying bank defines a one-time waiting period of 7-10 days. Weekly payouts are made on Mondays. Monthly payments on the 25th of each month. If the first payment date falls within the waiting period, the payment skips the first payment date and is paid out on the next payment date.

The bank in the background requires verification of the account holder. The participant receives returns on funix account even if the account is not verified. Verification is required to activate withdrawals. The data for verification vary per person and per country. The bank may request a image or a scan of a photo ID. The photographed document must be uploaded in the account area. The image or scan must be uploaded in .jpg or .png format, should not be larger than 5MB and the dimensions should not exceed 8000x8000px. The document should be of good quality, sharply defined, not blurry and color. If the verification fails, the participant has the option to upload the document again. It is recommended not to upload the same document that has already been rejected.

A common reason for verification failure is the insufficient quality of the uploaded document.

If a technical error occurs and a message appears, e.g. "invalid object" or the picture cannot be uploaded in general, so please try another browser and clear the browser cache.                                          The verification has no impact on the return or commission paid to the Funix account. Verification only affects the payment status. A deactivated payment means: Credit cannot currently be paid to the personal bank account deposited.

Depending on the configuration, the money is transferred manually or automatically to a private bank account.

No. Only one account per person is allowed. Instead of multiple accounts, you can purchase multiple licenses.

If someone has an account pre-financed, the pre-financier is only repaid the amount that he pre-financed. This amount is covered by the return. When you get a return, the debts are paid back to the pre-financier.

A member has a temporary account in Swiss Francs as long as no credits have been posted. As soon as the first commission or return is received, the account changes to a real account and the bank starts the verification process. The account currency of the real account is the national currency of the respective country.

Payment, Upgrades, Costs

Buy upgrade licenses, Pre-financing

No, all costs are one-off.

Wait until Funix pays profits.

Yes, you can buy an unlimited number of upgrade licenses in the Licenses area. Gudix reserves the right to limit the maximum number of licenses.

There is a possibility that the affiliate will provide pre-financing. The affiliate pays for membership and thereby receives a token. He can pass on the token. The token can be used to register an account without paying anything for it. You can pay with the token in the payment form or you can create an account with the token link.

The affiliate can pre-finance a membership. If a pre-financed account receives a return, this return is first paid back to the pre-financier, i.e. the affiliate.

The pre-financier has two options for handing over the token to the new member: as a code if the member already has an account, or as a Gudix or Funix link if the member has to register first. In the case of a link, the member can register with the token link.

If the member already has an account, they can only redeem the code if the registered affiliate is also the pre-financier.

A token can only be used for payment if it has the status "released".

GIn general, the payer is informed at the time of payment whether the payment has worked or not.

Credit Card
Amounts that are debited from the credit card are debited immediately. An error message appears at the bottom left of the screen if the payment has not been made.

The debit to your own account takes place immediately after confirmation. The money arrives at gudix 2-7 days later. Commissions are only paid when the money has reached gudix. Tokens are only activated when the money has reached gudix. If the payment has not been successfully completed and the money has nevertheless been debited, SOFORT will pay back the money in the following days. KLARNA - How long will it take until I receive a refund?

License approvals
An initial license is released immediately after payment has been made, even if the money has not yet reached gudix. Follow-up licenses and tokens will only be released once the money has reached gudix.

Support requests for payment will only be processed if payment was made 7 days ago or more and a license or token has still not been confirmed by then.

General and Security

Conditions, protection mechanism

Daniel Gutmann is behind Funix Crowdfunding System. Daniel Gutmann has been operating under the name Gudix since 2015. He is personally responsible for the offer. Funix crowdfunding system has existed since 2018.

Daniel Gutmann combines 3 projects in a profitable business model:

Further information about the company can be found in the Telegram-News-Channel (german) on top.


SEO based on success means to send invoice to B2B customers from Gudix GmbH only if the optimization has been successfully completed. The optimization for the customer incurs costs before an invoice can be send. The optimization is financially supported by a loan from Daniel Gutmann to Gudix GmbH through the Funix crowdfunding system. Once the optimization has been successfully completed, Loan repayment flow back to Daniel Gutmann and after this back the Funix Crowdfunding System investors.

Further information about the company can be found in the Telegram-News-Channel (german) on top.

A protection mechanism checks unauthorized access attempts. For example, the number of failed login attempts is logged. The system locks out the user for 15 minutes or more.

Profits that are paid out to the participants must be reported to the tax office by the participants on their own responsibility. The profit is investment minus return. Commissions for recruited members must be taxed as an additional income. Commissions are service income. The exemption limits are regulated nationally. Please contact support if you require a complete list of all tax transaction withdrawals.

The funix.one platform is not subject to any FINMA approval requirement. The amount of funding received is less than CHF 1 million and therefore within the approval-free area. Gudix (Daniel Gutmann) hereby informs investors about the lack of supervision of the platform by FInMa and about the non-existent deposit guarantee scheme