Trial Membership

This guide shows step by step how to invest € 9 to make more than € 9 profit. The profit is automatically transferred to a private bank account.

Step-by-Step Guide


create a free account

A free account is created by entering the email address. The access data will be sent by email. The free access can be used to test the system or to get more information.

create access

create account

In order to receive money, a personal account must be opened in the "Account" area. The account can be used to transfer funds to a private bank account. The IBAN of the recipient account (UK: account number) must be stored in order to be able to activate payments.


Activate automatic payout

In order to receive money automatically in your own bank account, change the payout interval from manual to weekly or monthly under "Settings". With this setting, the member receives the payments from Funix without having to become active themselves. The transactions are noted with "FUNIX PAYOUT".


Buy trial for € 9

To receive profits, a trial membership must be purchased for € 9. A trial member receives profits for 6 months. The money is automatically credited to the Funix account. Trial membership can be purchased on the dashboard using the button in the header.


Check account balance

Returns are automatically credited to the Funix account for 6 months. The credits are issued in irregular periods, they exceed the investment of € 9.